CAMERA Prompts Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox News Corrections on Jericho Raid

CAMERA staff has prompted the following correction in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Error (Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cox News Service article by Margaret Coker, 3/14/06): Israeli Gen. Yair Naveh said the assault on the prison was a move to bring terrorists to justice. The men are to be put on trial in Israel. He denied any link between the raid and the international team’s action.

Correction (3/24/06): A March 15 front page story about an Israeli incursion misstated the country’s position on why troops raided a Palestinian prison in Jericho to apprehend militants being held there. In paraphrasing the comments of Israeli Gen. Yair Naveh, the article suggested that there was no link between Israel’s raid and the earlier withdrawal from the prison of U.S. and British observers. In fact, Naveh and other Israeli officials said that the departure of the observers was the reason the military operation was launched.

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