CAMERA Prompts Christian Science Monitor Corrections on ‘Palestine,’ ‘New’ Settlements, Jerusalem

CAMERA yesterday prompted a series of corrections in The Christian Science Monitor‘s Global News Blog on items ranging from incorrect usage of “Palestine” terminology and an erroneous reference to “new Israeli settlements” (there are none) to the mistaken location of meetings between the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the Israeli prime minister. (The meetings were in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, not Tel Aviv.) CAMERA commends editors for taking quick steps to set the record straight on all of the issues.
One prominent erroneous item was the July 6 headline stating: “Why new Israeli settlements draw ire.”

As noted in CAMERA’s Snapshots blog last week, the recent construction approval now drawing ire is for homes in the well-established settlement of Maale Adumim and for built up neighborhoods in Jerusalem beyond the Green Line. There are no plans for any “new Israeli settlements.”
Following communication from CAMERA, editors commendably corrected the headline, which now accurately states: “Why new building in Israeli settlements draws ire.”
Editors also appended a note stating: This article was updated to clarify the nature and location of the plans for new building.”
Early this week, The Christian Science Monitor blog tripped up on another headline, this one referring to “Palestine,” as opposed to the Palestinian Authority. The headline and subheading originally stated: “Is Egypt the right country to broker peace between Israel and Palestine? Egypt’s success will hinge on its ability to convince Israel and Palestine to concede to previous sticking points that have historically stalled talks.” A screenshot of the cached copy of the original headline and subheadline follows:
Editors agreed with CAMERA’s assertion that the blog’s use of the term “Palestine” to refer to the present day Palestinian Authority does not conform with Christian Science Monitor practice, and commendably amended both the headline and the subheadline. The current headline now accurately refers to “the Palestinian Authority,” and the subheadline correctly cites “the Palestinians,” instead of “Palestine.”
Editors also commendably corrected references to “Palestine” in the accompanying article. The first paragraph originally stated: “In an effort to revive stalled peace efforts between Israel and Palestine, Egypt’s foreign minister will travel to Israel for the first time in nine years.” The amended opening now refers to “an effort to revive stalled peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”
In addition, the article originally also had stated: “Ultimately, however, Egypt’s success to broker peace will hinge on its ability to convince Israel and Palestine to concede more than they were willing in the past.” The amended version instead refers to Egypt’s “ability to convince Israel and the PA.”
Similarly, the CSM blogger had initially referred to Israel and the Palestinian Authority as “the infighting countries.” Following CAMERA’s communication, editors replaced the mischaracterization of the Palestinian Authority as a country with the accurate reference to “the two sides.”
In a final factual error in the same article, the reporter twice wrongly cited Tel Aviv as the location of the meetings between Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Screen captures below.) In fact, the two statestmen held two meetings in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, one in the prime minister’s residence, and another in his office.
Editors also corrected this error, removing references to Tel Aviv. In addition, an appended editor’s note points out the correction and states that the meetings took place in Jerusalem:
The Christian Science Monitor told CAMERA that the reporter received the incorrect information about the meetings taking place in Tel Aviv from this Times of Israel article. CAMERA has contact Times of Israel editors to request a correction.
For additional CSM corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.
Update: 6:20 am EST: Times of Israel Cor
Following communication with CAMERA, Times of Israel has also corrected an erroneous subheadline and article which incorrectly identified Tel Aviv as the location of the Egyptian-Israel meeting.
For more Times of Israel corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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