CAMERA Prompts CNN Correction on Jerusalem

CAMERA staff has elicited correction of a July 21 article on CNN International’s Web site, which had incorrectly reported that Israel annexed eastern Jerusalem from “the Palestinian territories.” We first addressed the error on our Snapshots blog, and noted also that an earlier version of the CNN article had wrongly referred to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. The error concerning Jerusalem and the updated, corrected text follow:
Error (, Jason Hanna, Joe Sterling and Michael Martinez, 7/21/13): It annexed East Jerusalem from the Palestinian territories, uniting the historic city to make it the capital of the Jewish state.

Correction (Posted online as of 8/1/13): In a series of moves following its capture, Israel effectively annexed East Jerusalem, putting it and other adjacent areas in the West Bank under Israeli government control.

(Though CNN uses the qualified language of “effectively annexed,” Israel did annex eastern Jerusalem, which had been occupied by Jordan.) In addition, the following correction now appears alongside the text:
CAMERA commends CNN for its correction. See here for additional CNN corrections prompted by CAMERA.

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