CAMERA Prompts Reuters Correction on Israeli Paternity Leave

CAMERA has prompted correction of a June 13 Reuters article which erroneously stated that Israel has no paternity leave (“Richest countries skimp on paternity leave: U.N.”) Reporting on a UNICEF report based on 2016 data, the article had stated:

[UNICEF lead report author Yekaterina] Chzhen said she was surprised at the generous paternity leave for fathers in Japan and South Korea, which offer about 30 weeks and 17 weeks, while nine countries including the U.S., Israel, Ireland and Switzerland offer none.

In 2016, the Israeli government passed legislation somewhat augmenting Israel’s limited paternity leave.

And the country’s national insurance offers benefits to fathers who replace mothers to care for a new child.

In response to communication from CAMERA, on June 13 editors amended the article, which now accurately states:

Israel did not have paid parental leave in 2016, when the data was collected by OECD, UNICEF said. It has made paid leave available to fathers since then.