CAMERA Prompts Correction to New York Times Editorial

After CAMERA contacted New York Times editors about an error in a March 9 editorial, the newspaper commendably published a correction setting the record straight.
The March 10 correction notes,

An earlier version of this editorial incorrectly stated the United States’ position on settlement building in the occupied territories. It has been highly critical of the activity, but has not consistent held it to be illegal.

The original editorial claimed that the United States “has consistently held that settlement building in the occupied territories is illegal.”
As CAMERA explained in its critique of the editorial, ever since the end of the Carter administration the US has consistently avoided characterizing settlements as illegal.
A second erroneous claim in the editorial was not corrected. The editorial wrongly claimed a new Israeli law targeted supporters of anti-Israel boycotts, when in fact its language more narrowly focuses on those who advocate for a boycott.

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