CAMERA Prompts Corrections at Washington Times

CAMERA staff prompted the following corrections at the Washington Times following an article which erroneously identified the Sea of Galilee as Syrian and Shebaa Farms as Lebanese:
Error (Washington Times, Mel Frykberg of the Middle East Times, 9/11/08): … the main sticking point for peace will be Israel’s lack of enthusiasm for giving up its occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, which provides the thirsty country with access to the waters of Syria’s Lake Kinneret.
Error (Washington Times, Mel Frykberg of the Middle East Times, 9/11/08): Syria’s regional proxy to the north of the Jewish state, Hezbollah, stated that even in the event that Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms are returned, the resistance organization would continue to challenge Israel militarily.

Correction (9/16/08): An article from the Middle East Times in Thursday’s editions incorrectly described Lake Kinneret, also known as the Sea of Galilee. The lake is in Israel bordering the Golan Heights. The article also incorrectly characterized the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms area, which is disputed between Syria and Lebanon.

Fact: The United Nations has certified that Shebaa Farms is Syrian. Syria allows Lebanon to maintain that it is Lebanese, to provide a pretext for Hezbollah’s continued existence despite Israel’s full withdrawal from Lebanese territory.

CAMERA commends the Times for the prompt corrections.

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