CAMERA Prompts USA Today Correction on Gaza Land

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction at USA Today concerning the amount of Gaza land controlled by Israeli settlements:

Error (USA Today, Andrea Stone, 4/19/05): About 8,000 Jewish settlers control 40% of Gaza, a 139-square-mile strip along the Mediterranean Sea that is home to more than 1.3 million Palestinians.

Correction (4/25/05): An article in Tuesday’s editions should have explained that estimates vary on the amount of land controlled by Israel and Jewish settlers in Gaza. When roads, Israeli military installations and temporary security zones are included, the estimate is as high as 40%, according to Palestinian academics Mohammed El-Samhouri and Hazim Abu Shanab. Estimates by Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Peace Now don’t include those areas and range from 15%-25%.

This is the second USA Today correction that CAMERA is responsible for this month.

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