CAMERA Prompts USA Today Correction on Green Line

CAMERA’s Washington DC office has prompted correction of a USA Today article in which the Green Line, an armistice line, was incorrectly described as an internationally recognized border. The error and correction follow:
Error (USA Today, Michele Chabin, 11/29/13): Evangelical Christians don’t just farm here beyond the Green Line, Israel’s internationally recognized border.

Correction (12/4/13): The description of the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank was misstated in a story Nov. 29 about Israeli settler farms. It is the Israeli-Jordanian armistice line from the 1949 Arab-Israeli war.

Though the correction would have been more helpful had it noted that the article originally incorrectly described the Green Line as an internationally recognized border, CAMERA commends USA Today for its timely print edition correction accurately depicting the Green Line’s status as an armistice line.
For additional corrections that CAMERA elicited at USA Today, please see here.

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