CiF Watch Prompts Independent Correction on Israeli Arabs

CiF Watch, an affiliate of CAMERA, has prompted correction of a Robert Fisk article in The Independent which grossly understated the number of Israeli Arabs. The veteran journalist reported April 25:
Earlier this week, CiF Watch first noted the demographic error (in fact, there are 1.6 million Israeli Arabs), along with several additional distortions in Fisk’s.
In response to communication from CiF Watch, Independent editors amended the article online. It currently reads:
“Though you have to scratch your head in wonder when contemplating how an ‘award winning’ reporter with decades of experience covering the region could get such a frequently reported element of Israeli demography so wildly wrong, we nonetheless commend Indy editors on their decision to revise Fisk’s erroneous figure,” CiF Watch stated.
For additional Independent corrections prompted by CiF Watch, please see here.

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