Forward, Voice of America Correct Headlines on Palestinian Attacks

Following a series of Palestinian attacks over the weekend, CAMERA’s Israel office today prompted corrections of two headlines, in The Forward and in Voice of America, which depicted reported Palestinian assailants as victims.
As noted earlier today in CAMERA’s Snapshots blog, the misleading Voice of America headline read “Israel Kills Palestinian in West Bank.”
As the accompanying article stated in the very first sentence, the Palestinian in question had “stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier.”
In response to communication from CAMERA, editors commendably amended the headline to state: “Israeli kills Palestinian Who Wounded Soldier in West Bank.”

Similarly, The Forward headline for the accompanying Reuters article was: “Israeli Troops Kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem.”

Strikingly, the original Reuters headline was perfectly straightforward, clearly noting that Israel identified the three killed Palestinians as attackers: “Israeli forces say killed three assailants in Jerusalem, West Bank.”
This is not the first time that The Forward swapped out a perfectly clear Reuters headline about a Palestinian attack in favor of a misleading headline which depicted the reported attackers as the victims. After CAMERA contacted The Forward today, an editor responded that the headline was changed. The amended headline now states:

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