Getty Images Corrects: Resolution 194 Not About Gaza Riots

After communication from CAMERA, Getty Images corrected a caption that had inaccurately described United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194. 

The erroneous caption, initially flagged on Twitter, stated that the resolution “condemns the recent killings in Gaza.”

In an email to the photo service, CAMERA explained that the resolution, which passed in December 1948, deals with various issues related to the 1948 war, including the status of Jerusalem, holy places, and refugees. Of course, the 70 year old resolution it has nothing to do with recent events in Gaza.

Getty subsequently corrected the caption, which now describes the Resolution 194 as “a resolution adopted near the end of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War allowing for Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.” 

As a General Assembly resolution, 194 is non-binding, and so it does not “allow” refugees to return to their home. Rather, it recommends that those refugees wishing to return and “live at peace with their neighbors” be permitted to do so.

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