Indy corrects false claim that Gazans get only 3 hours of electricity a day

On Nov. 4th, we posted about an article in the Independent, written by their deputy international editor, Gemma Fox, which included the following claim:

“[The} enclave’s two million residents [are] forced to try to survive on roughly 3 hours of electricity since Israel imposed a blockade in 2016 [sic]”.

We complained to editors, citing a detailed report and graph by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) demonstrating that Gazans now receive around 12 hours of electricity a day. (Further, most hospitals received 22 hours of electricity per day).

After a series of emails with editors, they finally upheld our complaint, and revised the sentence, which now only narrowly claims that Gaza “residents [are] forced to try to survive on reduced hours of electricity.

This post originally appeared at CAMERA’s UK Media Watch.

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