LA Times Corrects Headline, Article on Palestinian Terrorism

Following a complaint from CAMERA’s Israel office, The Los Angeles Times amends a headline which grossly whitewashed Palestinian terrorism, depicting the perpetrators as victims. The paper also corrects that two, not one, Israeli civilians were stabbed Saturday.
As noted earlier this week on our Snapshots blog, The Times’ original headline literally flipped reality on its head, absurdly declaring: “4 Palestinians are killed in Israeli violence.”

As the accompanying article reported, two of the Palestinian fatalities were killed as they stabbed Israelis. In other words they were killed after they perpetrated what some would call “Palestinian violence”:

Two Palestinian teenagers were shot to death in Jerusalem on Saturday, officials said, after they carried out separate stabbing attacks on an ultraorthodox Jews and two Israeli police officers.

Two more Palestinian teens were killed by Israeli forces Saturday along the border of the Gaza Strip as violence spread and appeared to escalate. According to the Israeli military, scores of Palestinians later breached the border fence in a violent demonstration.

Within a short period of time early Sunday morning Israel time, editors had already replaced the outrageously false headline to the only marginally improved wording: “6 Palestinians dead as violence grips Gaza, Jerusalem.”
But, as CAMERA wrote to Times editors, readers who only glimpse the headline, and don’t get as far as the actual story, would have no idea that two of the dead Palestinians carried out stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians and police in Jerusalem. CAMERA urged editors to amend the headline to make clear that two of the Palestinians were killed as they attempted to murder Israelis, stabbing them.
Editors have in fact commendably improved the headline to make clear that among the fatalities are the perpetrators of stabbing attacks.
Also, in response to communication from CAMERA, The Times has corrected the incorrect assertion that one Israeli civilian was injured in a Palestinian stabbing attack Saturday. In fact, there were two Israeli civilian victims in the stabbing attack outside Damascus Gate Saturday.
The corrected article now states:

Two Palestinian teenagers were shot to death in Jerusalem on Saturday, officials said, after they carried out separate stabbing attacks on two Israeli civilians and two police officers.

In addition, editors commendably posted the correction prominently at the top of the online article:
For additional Los Angeles Times corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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