LA Times Corrects: Israel’s Arab Population is 20 Percent

CAMERA staff prompted a Los Angeles Times correction yesterday of a movie review which erroneously reported that Israel’s Arabs make up 10 percent of Israel’s population. As noted earlier this month in CAMERA’s Snapshots blog, the correct figure is just over 20 percent.
The July 3 review of the film “Borrowed Identity” had erred: ” . . . ‘A Borrowed Identity’ deals with the situation of the roughly 10% of the state of Israel population (1.617 million people, we are told) who are Palestinians.”
The Times’ print correction yesterday states:
Palestinian population: A July 3 review of the movie “A Borrowed Identity” said Palestinians constitute about 10% of Israel’s population. The figure is closer to 20%, according to the Israeli Bureau of Statistics.
Though the error remains unchanged on the online article, a correction now appears immediately after the error, setting the facts straight.
It should be noted that some, but not all, of Israel’s Arabs identify as Palestinian.
For additional Los Angeles Times corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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