LA Times Is Latest to Correct Gaza Imports Error

Following earlier corrections by the Associated Press and the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times is the latest media outlet to correct the falsehood that Israel had not allowed building materials to enter Gaza in the last five years. The error and correction follow:
Error (Los Angeles Times, wires, news brief, 12/31/12): In a major concession to the Gaza Strip’s Hamas leaders, Israel dropped its 5-year-old ban on construction materials crossing into the territory . . .

Correction (1/4/13): A brief article in the Jan. 1 Section A said that Israel had dropped a 5-year-old ban on construction materials crossing into the Gaza Strip. That ban applied to the private sector; Israel had allowed some construction goods into Gaza for humanitarian projects during that time.

CAMERA commends the Los Angeles Times for setting the record straight. CAMERA continues to call upon NPR to correct the identical error in the Jan. 1 broadcast of “All Things Considered.”

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