NPR’s Emily Harris Interviews Jerusalem Stabbing Victims in Powerful Segment

Emily Harris, NPR’s International Correspondent in Jerusalem, interviewed the survivor of a recent knife attack that took place in Jerusalem. The interview aired in a powerful segment that was posted on line yesterday on Oct. 21, 2015. Odell Bennett was stabbed 17 times during the course of the attack, during which her husband was killed. The 22-year-old woman ran down the street with a knife in her shoulder. Harris reports the following:

She said that as she ran, she saw many Palestinians. She was looking for someone who would help her, but no one did. The opposite, she said. They yelled at me. They spat at me. They cursed me to die. Bennett looks calm as she recuperates with their children, but she says she has no strength.

Harris also interviewed Menashe Haim, whose father was killed while riding on a bus last week. His mother survived the attack. She also interviewed Noam Tzion, an Israeli Jew who is fearful because Palestinians have, according to Harris, “carried out two attacks within a mile of his home.”
Harris reports that Tzion used to believe that “Israelis and Palestinians shared enough values to negotiate an agreement satisfactory to both.” Not any more. “I think the issues today are defined by radical Islam,” he said. “And with radical Islam, there is no possibility of a solution of any kind.”
CAMERA commends NPR for the informative personal story about the suffering inflicted on a Jewish family in a terrorist knife attack. CAMERA had communicated concerns about the absence of such a focus in its coverage.

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