NY Times Corrects: Thousands, Not Hundreds, of Rockets Targeted Israel During War

In a Feb. 2 article about the 2014 conflict in Gaza, the New York Times downplayed the number of rockets fired at Israel. Reporter Somini Sengupta asserted that, that during the fighting, “Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel.”
After CAMERA informed the newspaper of its error, the following correction was posted online today informing readers that the number of rockets was in fact in the thousands:
Correction: February 3, 2015
Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated the volume of rockets fired by Palestinian militants into Israel during the 50-day Gaza conflict last summer. It was in the thousands, not hundreds.
The correction, while commendable for quickly clearing the record, raises its own questions.
Why does this correction refer to members of designated Palestinian terror organizations who fire indiscriminate rockets at civilian areas as “militants,” while a correction published in print on Feb. 2 referred to actions “by the Islamic State terrorist group” and one published on Feb. 1 described “the recent thwarting of a terrorist operation” in Belgium? Does The New York Times believe attacks on Israeli civilians call for softer language than potential attacks on Belgian police officers?

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