Press Release: France24 Journalists Suspended for Praising Hitler and Hamas, Following CAMERA Report

On the heels of a CAMERA exposé of antisemitic social media posts by four journalists working for France24, the French state-owned news network has announced the suspension of the journalists and is currently investigating their social media pages.

A France24 spokesman emailed CAMERA, saying that “following the publication of an article on the CAMERA website, implicating one journalist and three Arabic-speaking correspondents from France24 about certain remarks allegedly posted on their personal social media pages, the management of France24 has immediately opened an internal investigation into the alleged facts.”

The spokesman continued, “As a precautionary measure, pending the results of this investigation, the four people concerned have been exempted from any activity.”

He also told CAMERA that journalists for France24 are expected to operate under a charter of ethics when they publish on social networks and “any space dedicated to the public exchange of information.”

CAMERA’s exposé, which can be read here in full, demonstrates that the four journalists failed to live up to France24’s charter of ethics. In numerous social media posts, the journalists can be seen praising Hitler, minimizing the Holocaust, and glorifying Hamas-affiliated terrorists who murdered and maimed scores of Jewish civilians.

“Professional journalists are expected to hold up basic standards of objectivity, which obviously includes not cheerleading for Hitler and Hamas-inspired terrorism,” said Andrea Levin, CAMERA executive director. “We commend France24 for promptly investigating this serious situation, and we hope that the news outlet cuts ties with these apologists for Nazism and terrorism.”

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