The LA Times Corrects: Bloomberg Flew El Al, Not Private Jet

Following communication from CAMERA staff, Los Angeles Times today correct a letter to the editor which argued that the Federal Aviation Administration’s temporary ban of flights to Tel Aviv was justified, based partially on the false that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg flew a private jet to Israel. In fact, Bloomberg took a commercial El Al flight to Tel Aviv to protest the FAA ban.
As noted in our Snapshots blog yesterday, Jean-Claude Demirdjian erred:
Although Netanyahu believes that the rocket that landed near Ben Gurion International Airport does not make the airport unsafe, he should know that the U.S. Air Force planes that transport Secretary of State John Kerry, contrary to passenger airliners, are equipped with anti-missile defenses. And former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was willing to take a calculated risk by flying in his own plane to Israel. (Emphasis added.)
CAMERA directed editors to numerous news reports, including in The Los Angeles Times, documenting that Bloomberg proudly flew El Al to Israel.

The Times’ commendable, timely correction appears in print and online today. The following correction appears online right in the middle of the erroneous original letter.
For additional Los Angeles Times corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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