Thumbs Up to Tony Snow

THUMBS UP to Fox News’ Tony Snow for breaking ranks with many journalistic colleagues in repeatedly challenging the misinformation of Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi.

Responding Oct. 15, 2000 to charges by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Palestinian officials place Palestinian youth in the dangerous front lines, Ashrawi states: “Parents love their children and try to protect them. That’s why after the Israeli army, which is the occupation army, on our land, started shooting our kids and shooting at us, that’s why the schools were closed in order to protect the children so that people can stay home.”

When Snow was finally able to get in a word edge-wise, a formidable task in and of itself for many who interview Ashrawi, he countered: “On calling the general strike and letting people get out of school, that happened before the violence flared. The violence really flared up after that happened . . .[Ashrawi interrupts here] and so it cannot have been done to protect people.”

At this point, Ashrawi interjects: “Listen, I have heard–I have heard–and I have read the Israeli talking points that are being distributed everywhere. . . And I really can’t stand it when they are being thrown back at me by people who are supposed to be responsible and in positions of authority or even journalistic integrity.”

Unfazed, Snow replies: “Well, we don’t get Israeli talking points. So I would be happy to accept them if you want to forward them.”

On Aug. 19, 2001, Snow again challenged Ashrawi, who equivocated about the PA’s position concerning suicide bombings. Contradicting her platitudes such as “I condemn all acts of violence,” Snow quoted a sermon from Palestinian television which called on Muslims to become suicide bombers.

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