Times of Israel: Jordanian’s Attack on Israeli Embassy Guard Is a Fact

Following communication from CAMERA staff, Times of Israel yesterday corrected an article which had qualified a Jordanian carpenter’s attack on an Israeli embassy guard, saying he “apparently” attacked the Israeli. The Times of Israel article yesterday had originally reported (“After Netanyahu steps in, badboy Israeli MK pulls out of bout with Jordanian lawmaker“):

Tensions between Jerusalem and Amman ramped up recently after an Israeli guard at the embassy in Amman killed two Jordanians, apparently after he was attacked by one of them. (Emphasis added.)

In journalism, “apparently” is reserved for reported incidents which have yet to be confirmed. But Jordanian authorities agree with Israeli officials that Jordanian carpenter Mohammad Jawawdah attacked Israeli embassy guard Ziv Moyal on July 23 before Moyal shot him dead.
As Jordan’s Public Security Directorate concluded last week:

Based on statements by eyewitnesses, Two persons came at the apartment located inside the compound to furnish the bedroom. during [sic] the work inside the apartment, a dispute has erupted between carpenters as one of them is the son of carpentry owner, a verbal arguments delayed the completion of work. the [sic] son of carpentry owner attacked the Israeli diplomat who responded by shooting the carpenter the apartment owner. Injuries of both wounded led to instantaneous death upon arrival to the medical hospital.

Testimonies of eyewitnesses revealed that during the verbal argument between the carpenter and the son of carpentry owner, the carpenter attacked the Israeli diplomat who responded by shooting. The owner of the apartment was shot and pronounced dead. The testimony of the door man was the same of other eye witnesses.

The Times of Israel has itself  commendably reported on multiple occasions that the Jordanian and Israeli authorities agree that the Jordanian worker attacked the Israeli guard. (There is disagreement as to whether the attack was motivated by nationalist causes or a dispute about the furniture.)
Times of Israel editors agreed with CAMERA that there is no reason to qualify Mohammad Jawawdah’s attack on Moyal as “apparent” if it is an established fact. Editors immediately amended the text, removing the word “apparently.” The edited text, which reports the Jordanian’s attack on the Israeli guard as fact, states:

Meanwhile, Reuters repeatedly attributes the information about Jawawdah’s attack on Moyal to Israel, as if Jordan has not confirmed the information, and as if the facts are not known.
For additional Times of Israel corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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