Jimmy Carter Can’t Make Up His Mind

One day Carter bashes Israel because he believes the Jewish state did not live up to its Camp David obligations. The next day—literally—he says "not a word" of the treaty has been violated.

ABC Withholds Information on Transmission Towers

No doubt the control of information–a critical tool in psychological warfare–is part of any combatant's war arsenal. But when a July 22 ABC "World News Saturday" report on the Israeli bombing of television transmitters accuses Israel of controlling information "to sway public opinion," it is ABC which is controlling – and withholding – information.

The ABC’s of One-Sided Journalism

ABC News has once again issued a one-sided report on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, highlighting and sympathetically portraying Palestinian losses due to Israeli military actions, while downplaying the initial Palestinian attacks, and their impact on Israelis, that prompted the Israeli action.

WABC-TV Refuses to Correct Jim Dolan’s Factual Errors

Since late April, CAMERA has been working hard behind the scenes to seek redress on factual errors and other distortions by Jim Dolan of New York's WABC, who reported from Israel for several days earlier that month. News Director Ken Plotnik and President and General Manager Dave Davis have stonewalled, refusing to correct several material errors and to respond to the specifics of CAMERA's concerns.

‘Nightline’ Stonewalls on Balance Issue

An April 22 "Nightline" segment by Richard Gizbert conforms to a pattern which features interviewees sharing one point of view–opposition to Israel and/or its policies and sympathy to Arab concerns. In the following letter, CAMERA presses "Nightline" to produce the date of just one broadcast within the last year which was tilted towards Israel. Though ABC officials have in the past alleged that the program's record is "even on the whole," the network has yet to respond to CAMERA's simple request.

Coverage of Unwitting Palestinian Boy-Bomber

The exploitation of Palestinian children in attacks against Israel is a troubling trend which deserves media coverage. Yet, some news outlets did not even cover the story of 11-year-old Abdullah Quran. Others, most notably the Boston Globe and MSNBC's "The Abrams Report," gave the incident the prominence it deserved.

Confusing Murder and Martyrdom at ABC

In an otherwise informative report on ABC World News Tonight (Jan. 14) about Raeem Al-Raiyshi, the female suicide bomber who killed four Israelis after duping guards to let her bypass the metal detectors at a checkpoint, correspondent Hilary Brown referred to Raiyshi's choice of "martydom" over motherhood. "It seems she loved martyrdom more [than her children]," Ms. Brown concluded.