URBAN MYTH: Fake Nike Ad

Jack De Lowe received the following message from Nike Investor Relations regarding what is purported to be a Nike ad circulating on the Internet showing a bloody Nike shoe at the sight of a terrorist attack:

From: Investor Relations [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 00:46
Subject: RE: Please Confirm or Reject

Thank you for your correspondence alerting us to a false Internet advertisement, depicting Nike products associated with political conflict –presumably occurring within the Middle East given the ad’s circulation to date.

This offensive ad was not authorized by Nike and has no affiliation with the company.  It was obviously created by some individual who does not value human life and is seeking attention by leveraging our well-known brand name.

Based upon the number of inquiries we have received from members of the public questioning the ad’s authenticity, we have begun to work with authorities to try to determine the origin.  Also, we have begun to contact specific non-governmental organizations to apprise them of this unfortunate hoax.

Again, Nike was never involved in any way with the ad and appreciates your inquiry. If you have any information regarding individuals or businesses improperly promoting this image as a Nike property, please contact us so that we may explore appropriate legal recourse. We also ask that you limit circulation of this despicable image and share this message with others who inquire about its authenticity or affiliation with Nike.

We hope this clarifies the matter.

(Acknowledgments to IMRA for having first distributed Nike’s letter. CAMERA has decided not to post the image so as to limit its circulation.)

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