Washington Post Corrects Error About Gilo

A correction in the July 16 edition of the Washington Post addressed the designation of Gilo as a “Jewish settlement.”

In the original article, “For Palestinian Forces, a Growing Role in West Bank; Israel Gradually Handing Over Security Duties,” Post Jerusalem Bureau Chief Howard Schneider wrote:

The plans were set: boost the guard near Rachel’s Tomb and other sites Israelis visit, guard against possible snipers shooting at the Jewish settlement of Gilo, put Palestinian intelligence agents on overtime to keep in touch with sources, and call in political party leaders to discourage incitement. [emphasis added]

The correction in the Post notes:

A June 26 A-section article referred to Gilo as a Jewish settlement. It is a Jewish neighborhood built on land captured in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and annexed to Israel as part of Jerusalem’s expanded municipal boundaries. The United Nations has not acknowledged the annexation.

This is the second of two corrections that the Washington Post made in that article in response to CAMERA’s request. The first correction concerned the mislabelling of the Arab town of “Qalqilyah” on an accompanying map

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