What You Can Do

Letters to your school districts about the attack on Israel and ongoing war should address the following:

1. What, if any, statement your school district issued;

2. What teaching resources they will be using to explain the attack;

3. The safety of Jewish students.

Some questions/items to consider:

1. Did your school issue a response?

a. If so, did the response mention Israel and Jews by name or just refer generally to the “Middle East?”
b. Did the statement include “both sides” kind of language instead of condemning the attack on Israel?
c. Did your school district specify Hamas as the perpetrator of the attack? If so, specifically cite that fact in your letter.

2. Is your school district promoting teaching resources about the conflict? If so, what are they? If you are not sure whether they are problematic, please share them with CAMERA at: [email protected]. Even if the school district is not publicly promoting materials, schools and teachers will be bringing resources into the classroom, especially social studies and English courses. These resources must be carefully vetted.

3. If you feel comfortable doing so, inform the school district that if they do not take your concerns seriously, you may go public with this letter.

4. Lastly, offer to provide resources (CAMERA can assist you).

5. If you send a letter to your school, please forward CAMERA a copy. We are here to help you.

To see a sample letter, please click here: Sample Letter


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