Who Is Assailant? Who Is Victim? Times of Israel Corrects Headline

CAMERA’s Israel office today prompts correction of a Times of Israel headline which confounded the assailants (Palestinian) with the victim (Israeli). The original headline read as follows:

That headline omits a crucial fact relegated to the less prominent subheadline – that the Palestinian teen was part of a mob which threw rocks at the car of an Israeli woman and tried to drag her from the car. As the accompanying article itself reported:

The shooting took place near Beit Sahour, on the road between Jerusalem and the settlement of Tekoa, after Palestinians threw rocks at an Israeli woman’s car and attempted to drag her out of it.

“A group of Israeli citizens nearby saw the incident and fired at the attackers,” an IDF spokesman confirmed to The Times of Israel.

Following communication from CAMERA, The Times of Israel commendably amended the headline to read as follows:
For additional Times of Israel corrections prompted by CAMERA, please see here.

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