Wikipedia Entry on Christian Member of Fatah Omits Crucial Information

Chris Bandak is Fatah terrorist who was released by Israel in 2011 in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

In addition to meriting an entry on Wikipedia, Bandak is profiled in a book of essays and poems edited (and where necessary, translated) by Marian Saadeh, a graduate of Bethlehem University, a Catholic institution located in the West Bank. The book is titled A People Without a Country: Voices From Palestine (AuthorHouse, 2011). Harry Katz is also listed as an editor of the book.

An essay published in the book, titled “Is it a Sin to be Palestinian?” (written by Bandak’s brother Khader), reports the following:

Chris Bandak has been in prison in Israel since Feb. 06, 2003 as a result of his patriotism and loyalty to his country—“Palestine”—and friends. Unfortunately, he was charged with 4 life sentences and [is] now praying for his peace and freedom.

Khader does not inform his readers why his brother Chris was sentenced to four life terms. The Wikipedia entry on Bandak omits this information as well. As of this writing (June 16, 2015), it merely reports that he was “militant who was accused by Israeli officials of being involved in theSecond Intifada” and that “He was reportedly a leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigadesand theTanzim, both resistance wings of theFatahmovement. As a result of this involvement he was imprisoned by Israel on February 6, 2003.”

An article about the release of prisoners published by the Jerusalem Post on Oct. 16, 2010 provides some relevant information. It reports that Bandak is “the only known Christian member of the Fatah Tanzim terror group” and that “He was convicted of several shooting attacks which claimed the lives of two Israelis and seriously wounded a third in 2002.”

Chris Bandak killed two people and seriously wounded a third and yet Marian Saadeh, a Palestinian Christian, a graduate of Bethlehem University, and a prominent speaker at “peacemaking” conferences in the United States, publishes an essay by his brother that deprives readers of this important detail.


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