Yahoo! Corrects: Israelis Taking Cover are Not ‘Gaza’s Children’

Following communication from CAMERA staff and readers, Yahoo! News editors have changed a photo montage headline which falsely identified Israeli children fleeing rocket attacks as “Gaza’s children caught in crossfire.” Here is a screen capture of the original erroneous headline:


Our Snapshots blog, which first noted the false headline two days ago, pointed out:

This shot, according to the caption, is of Israeli children running for shelter during a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on November 15, 2012 in Nitzan, Israel. So why does the headline and subhead refer only to “Gaza’s children” struggling in the crossfire?

Perhaps it’s too much to ask for Yahoo! News to understand that, unlike Palestinian children suffering in Gaza, the Israeli children are not “caught in the crossfire” but are intentionally targeted by Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets. But surely it isn’t too much to ask for Yahoo! to put an accurate headline on its photo montageof Israeli and Palestinian children, so that it expresses concern for both Palestinian and Israeli children.

The corrected headline, which now appears on Yahoo! News, is as follows:

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