Yahoo News and the Hate Site

Jan 26, 2016 update: A Yahoo spokesperson has informed CAMERA that Veterans News Now has been blocked. See details here.
Yahoo is one of the most visited sites on the internet. How fortunate that is for Debbie Menon, an old-school anti-Semite whose hate site Veterans News Now has been promoted on Yahoo’s front page several times in recent weeks.

Let’s jump straight to the substantiation for that last sentence, because it should go without saying that if its three key points are all true — in other words, if Yahoo considers Veterans News Now (VNN) a legitimate news source and prominently features it on its front page; if Veterans News Now is in fact an extremist site; and if VNN is run by a fanatical Jew-hater — then Yahoo has a serious problem, which it must quickly remedy.

CAMERA has recently received several complaints from readers shocked to see VNN articles promoted on Yahoo and Yahoo News. The following image, a screen shot of the Yahoo homepage on Dec. 4, proves point number one: Yahoo does treat VNN as a legitimate news site and, at least for some readers, gives it one of the most coveted spots on the internet.

veterans news now on yahoo

The second point, too, is easy enough to substantiate. Is Veterans News Now a site that peddles in hate and conspiracy? If Holocaust denial and 9/11 trutherism fit the bill, it clearly is.

One recent article on VNN, for example, rails indignantly at a commentator whose crime was to describe the Holocaust as “a horrific genocide”:

Recently, Abby Martin, the host of “Breaking the Set” on the Russia Today network, released two segments on the subjects of the Nazis and the “holocaust,” an event which she described as “a horrific genocide that forever changed the world.”

One wonders why Martin – like her compatriots in the Zionist-dominated Hollywood establishment — places exceptional status on the “holocaust” when in fact a far greater number of non-Jews — particularly Germans, Russians and Chinese — perished during the Second World War than even the highest exaggerations of the sacred Shoah.

It only gets worse from there. About Auschwitz, the author approvingly states that “some historians estimate less than 100,000 people died in that camp, primarily from disease and starvation caused by Allied bombing.”

He continues:

The camp’s true purpose bares little resemblance to the picture painted in Hollywood movies and mainstream history books. It is an irrefutable fact that Auschwitz had facilities one would never expect to find in a bona fide “death factory,” such as a swimming pool, a soccer pitch, a theater, a library, a post office, a hospital, dental facilities, kitchens and so on. Inmates were encouraged to participate in orchestras, theater productions, soccer matches and other cultural and leisure activities.

The takeaway: Auschwitz was a “labour camp,” not a death camp. The gas chambers did not exist. Nazis used Zyklon B to save Jewish lives, not extinguish them. The claim of 6 million Jewish victims is a hoax. The Jews are largely responsible for communist Russia and its crimes. And of course, “the media’s obsession with the holocaust is part and parcel of the Zionist campaign to cast a spell over the collective consciousness of the Western world in order to desensitize the public to the suffering of the Palestinians and shield Israel from criticism.”

Screen shot from Veterans News Now.

VNN also specializes in conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks. One piece explicitly backs “the rising alternative thesis within the community of truth seekers, which claim that the masterminds were a Zionist network close to the Israeli Likud.” Another argues that Israel is responsible not only for 9/11, but also for the anthrax attacks that followed. Yet another piece, which documents what the author calls “a textbook Zionist mind-control twist,” purports to prove Israeli responsibility for 9/11 in this way:

Actions trump lies. Evidence does not lie . . . so how has the American public been so brainwashed by lies, in light of so much evidence? Are Zionists that intelligent, or is the American public that unintelligent—and how did even that obvious question become a “third-rail issue”?

Totally uncool, our tradition of being outsmarted by Zionists even to the point of “Rothschilding” our descendants’ future.

Is it possible for the American public to think their way out of Zionist enslavement . . . or is Gaza a preview of our future? …

9/11 was trademark Zionist false-flag testing of what they might get away with, a pushing of boundaries that, magically, stayed in bounds. Zionists third-rail magicians still brag about 9/11.

Got that? Good. Then on to the third point: Could it be that Yahoo links to VNN because, problematic as the site might be, it is run by a credible, ethical journalist?

Is it possible be that these unhinged articles (and the many other similar ones on the site) were posted without the knowledge of VNN’s editor-in-chief Debbie Menon?

It is certain that Menon knows about the Holocaust denial article mentioned above — she weighed in about the piece in its comments section:

Screen shot from Veterans News Now.

Nor are the 9/11 conspiracy theories outliers. One of the pieces cited above is a currently featured item on the VNN home page, and the site’s section dedicated to 9/11 “truth” is always one click away as one of the handful of topics on the menu bar at the top of every page.

In fact, Menon seems to be a perfect fit for the hate site. The piece to which Yahoo linked on Dec. 4 was an article by Phil Weiss, which had originally appeared on his anti-Israel site Mondoweiss but was republished by Menon on both VNN and her other website, My Catbird Seat. In the comment section under the latter reposting, Menon fantasized about the Nazi Waffen SS “rip[ping] … into rubbish” the Israeli army, before calling for “Zionists” everywhere to be made personae non gratae. “If you want the best future for your people, never allow them entry into your country let alone any opportunities in your country,” Menon wrote.

Screen shot from Debbie Menon’s Cat Bird Seat.

“Zionist,” of course, is so often a euphemism for Jews, and in the case of Menon her feelings about a people who dangerously undermine their host countries are clearly directed at the Jews in general. Under an article posted on her site My Catbird Seat, she posted the text of a supposed interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal in which the former Senatorial aide quoted admitting to the Jewish conspiracy that secretly runs the United States. In her comment, Menon highlights what appears to be her favorite part: “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

(Unsurprisingly, there is no credible source for the interview, which can be found sprinkled throughout the anti-Semitic dregs of the Internet.)

Screen shot from Cat Bird Seat.

So Veterans News Now is indeed run by an anti-Semite. And it indeed publishes Holocaust denial. And most disturbingly, it is indeed promoted on Yahoo’s news feed. CAMERA has contacted Yahoo News to ask why it legitimizes and propagates a hate site, but did not immediately receive a response.

@YahooNews Would Yahoo—or do you already—use and promote David Duke’s website on your news feed?

— CAMERAorg (@CAMERAorg) December 5, 2014

Yahoo owes its users an explanation about why it legitimizes and promotes an anti-Semitic hate site. But unfortunately, the company has been slow in the past to respond to anti-Semitism on its site. A question posted several years ago on Yahoo Answers asked why “Judaism glorifies genocide”; the answer explained that “Orthodox jews consider mass-murder to be very honorable, and any reader of the Old Testament is acutely aware of the creepy preoccupation with killing babies….” The page was repeatedly flagged as a violation of Yahoo’s guidelines, and emails were sent to the company asking why the hateful page was not removed. These were ignored, and the hateful “question” remained online for weeks, until CAMERA finally went public with the issue.
Now Yahoo has another chance to show it treats seriously concerns about hate-speech on the site. Will it forthrightly respond to those concerns and assure readers that Veterans News Now and other extremist sites will no longer be featured on its news feed? Or will it continue to mainstream anti-Jewish bigotry and 9/11 conspiracy?
Update: An earlier version of this piece incorrectly spelled Debbie Menon’s name as “Debbie Meron.”

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