Yahoo Removes Some Hate Sites from News Feed

Two fringe websites that had previously been featured on Yahoo’s front page are now blocked from the internet giant’s news feed, a Yahoo spokesperson informed CAMERA today.

Readers raised concerns after extreme and inaccurate anti-Israel articles by Veterans News Now and American Herald Tribune, the latter cross-posted by another fringe site called MintPress News, appeared on Yahoo’s front-page feed. The sites often publish anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and anti-gay bigotry, along with Holocaust denial and September 11 conspiracy theories.

After CAMERA yesterday questioned Yahoo about its promotion of a distorted MintPress piece originally authored by American Herald Tribune, a spokesperson replied that “MintPressNews does not uphold the editorial standards of Yahoo and was immediately blocked on January 21.”

The spokesperson also noted that Veterans News Now was blocked in December 2014. This was shortly after CAMERA informed Yahoo of VNN’s virulent anti-Jewish bigotry.

While it is surprising that such sites would have been part of any mainstream media company’s news feed in the first place, we commend Yahoo for quickly removing the hate sites, and hope it will take steps to ensure that its recommendations no longer promote such extremism.

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