Daniel Pipes

CAMERA ALERT: Token Coverage of EU Study

The European Union's Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia commissioned a study of European anti-Semitism. When the report concluded that much of the anti-Jewish violence in Europe is perpetrated by Muslim immigrants, the EU shelved the report. Jewish groups protested by publishing the report online, and the EU relented and released the report, but they continue to insist that it is flawed.

Thumbs Up to Daniel Pipes

THUMBS UP to Daniel Pipes for his column "It's Not the Economy, Stupid: What the West Needs to Know About the Rise of Radical Islam" in the July 2, 1995, Washington Post. Pipes, who is editor of the Middle East Quarterly, refutes decisively the current "article of faith that poverty has caused the surge in fundamentalist Islam; and only its relief will cause radical fundamentalism to subside."