Ian Fisher

New York Times Corrects, Again, About Judaism’s Holiest Site

The very day that a CAMERA Op-Ed about "fake news" and media bias appears in The Jerusalem Post, calling out The New York Times for repeatedly misidentifying Judaism's holiest site, the "paper of record" errs – and corrects – again.

How the NYT Continues to Skew the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The Times recently published an article about Israel's denial of a work visa to HRW's Omar Shakir, and relayed UN criticism of the sentence handed down by an Israeli court to an IDF soldier. But as is often the case with the NYT, readers were not provided with an objective presentation of the facts from a neutral standpoint or given enough info to form an opinion on the issues.

The IHT Corrects Error on Palestinian Casualties

The International Herald Tribune wrongly blamed an unexploded Israeli shell for the death of two Palestinians in Khan Yunis last month. CAMERA staff prompted the following correction:

UPDATED: “Terrorism” as Defined by the New York Times

On August 19, 2003, the New York Times published a front-page, above-the-fold, story with an accompanying photograph on an inside page about the possibility several Israeli Jews are involved in "terror attacks" against Palestinian civilians.The article raises real questions about the Times' news judgement. Why such prominence for a story about unproven allegations?