Marjorie Miller

Questions About Hass’s Accuracy Overlooked

In her March 15 feature on Israeli journalist Amira Hass, Marjorie Miller does a good job defining the controversy surrounding Hass's point of view and ideology ("Voice for Israel's Enemy"). However, Miller unfortunately neglects to mention lingering questions about Hass's accuracy.

Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate

The media have ignored the Israeli publications which promote humane images of Arabs, and, far more importantly, have turned a blind eye to the systematic incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel sponsored by the Palestinian Authority in PA schools.

Thumbs Down to Marjorie Miller

THUMBS DOWN to former Los Angeles Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Marjorie Miller for her January 23, 1999 feature, "To Be A Jew," and to the Times for permitting Miller's hostile personal views to color coverage of Israel.

Los Angeles Times Inflates Attacks Against Arabs, Ignores Attacks Against Jews

Consistent with its longstanding pattern of anti-Israel bias, the Los Angeles Times has given front page coverage to the harassment of three Israeli-Arab women living in a largely Jewish area of Jerusalem, while virtually ignoring a spate of recent violent attacks against Jews in or near the city...