Gianluca Mezzofiore

CNN’s Investigations: Biased Expert Analysis

Expert analysis, when used properly, can help audiences contextualize factual reporting. But when used improperly, it can mislead audiences by exaggerating or downplaying certain details to fit into a preconceived narrative. Repeatedly, CNN’s investigations have fallen into the latter category by portraying demonstrably biased “experts” as neutral sources.

CNN’s Investigations: Omitting Exculpatory Information

Good investigative journalism is journalism at its best. Unfortunately, that kind of good journalism is rare at CNN. Rather than producing impartial, professional investigations, many of the network’s journalists are acting as one-sided prosecutors when it comes to Israel.

CNN Grasps at Straws to Imply an IDF Conspiracy

CNN has repeatedly gone to great lengths to bestow undeserved credibility on the claims of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, Hamas. In the latest iteration, after Israel brought in cameras to show visual evidence of Hamas’s crimes, two CNN journalists in a contrived, fact-free, and specious story sought to undermine the IDF’s credibility.

CNN’s Farce of an “Investigation”

Cobbling together speculation, assumptions, mindreading witnesses, and partisan “experts,” CNN falls far short of proving the serious allegation that Israeli forces deliberately targeted Abu Akleh.