Mohamed Bakri

IVP Publishing Houses Promote Anti-Zionism

IVP, a conglomerate of two publishing houses in the United States and the United Kingdom, has published a number of books promote anti-Judaism and a distorted view of the Jewish state.

Jenin, Jenin (2002)

Jenin, Jenin (2002) Directed by Mohammed Bakri Arabic with English Subtitles 54 minutes*
The flim review is combined with that of "Road to Jenin." In "The Road to Jenin," filmmaker Pierre Rehov's clear purpose is to expose the inflammatory–and defamatory–falsehoods spread by works like Jenin, Jenin. As such his film does not attempt to be an overview of the Israeli and Palestinian experience in Jenin or an exhaustive account of IDF conduct. Nevertheless, the information that Rehov does provide is based on interviewees who use bona fide images and documents to substantiate their claims.