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Buckle Up: NPR Takes Listeners For A Ride 30,000 Trucks Long

Truckers are accustomed to very long journeys, but what about a line of 30,000 vehicles waiting for months on end to pass inspections and cross a border? If that sounds like beyond the realm of reason, it's because it is. Introducing Jane Arraf's tall tale of the wide loads.

What’s Disproportional is the Criticism of Israel

In the fight between Israel and Hamas the rockets and bombs may have stopped for now, but what hasn’t even paused are the efforts by human rights organizations and certain pundits, politicians and comedians to condemn Israel for allegedly using “disproportional force,” ethnically cleansing Palestinians from Jerusalem, and being an apartheid state. All the charges are recycled lies and propaganda.

Why Nicholas Kristof is (Still) Wrong on Israel and Hamas

Why doesn't New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof want Americans to imagine what it would be like, and what their government should do, if terrorists firing barrages of indiscriminate rockets into their towns and cities?

Nicholas Kristof Does it Again

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, whose last column on the conflict between Hamas and Israel was wildly off target, misfires again in his current column, Who's Right and Wrong in the Middle East? Maybe he should try a different topic.

Nicholas Kristof Targets Israel

Nicolas KristofWith rare exceptions the New York Times just can't get it right on Israel, and the op-ed page is no exception. The latest example: a column by Nicholas Kristof, which says Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks, then immediately reverses course.

Daylight Between Friedman and Kristof on Egypt

The New York Times' Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof operate as a tag-team attacking the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. But on the Arab Spring, differences among the two have emerged.

Nicholas Kristof on Israel: More of the Same

Nicholas KristofIf it was written by almost anyone other than Nicholas D. Kristof on the editorial pages of the New York Times, "Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?" (Oct 5, 2011) would be shocking and outrageous. However, given Kristof's long history of anti-Israel rants, it's predictable and almost tiresome.

Kristof Out to Tea on American Jewry

The New York Times columnist is peddling fictions again. This time he wants readers to believe American Jews are aligned with the fringe positions of J Street, rather than the mainstream ones of AIPAC.