Robert Siegel

The “Pro-Con” Con: Curating Criticism of Israel

Although All Things Considered told its listeners they would hear from both Israelis and Palestinians, the selection of guests were curated to ensure a narrow range of views, largely critical of Israel, would be heard.

More Terror Bias at NPR

A new analysis by CAMERA shows National Public Radio reporters and commentators continue to employ a double standard when reporting on terrorists and terror attacks in Israel versus terror attacks perpetrated elsewhere. When a bombing occurs that targets civilians in London, Istanbul, Sinai or Madrid, the perpetrators are routinely described as terrorists by NPR. However, the same is not true when an attack occurs in Israel and the perpetrators are Palestinians.

NPR’s Robert Siegel Reacts (Badly) to Bias Charge

NPR Host Robert Siegel responded angrily to criticism of his coverage in a column by Andrea Levin that ran in the Jerusalem Post and was later circulated by IMRA, Independent Media Review and Analyis. Name-calling and insults featured in his rejoinder. The exchange follows:

Another NPR Winter of Distortion

As sure as the calendar moves toward spring, National Public Radio stations turn to a fresh season of fund-raising. For listeners wondering about the status of the network's longstanding bias against Israel, a snapshot of coverage in early 2005 offers few signs of positive change. Instead, the tilt toward Arab positions continues. Sloppiness with factual precision is still commonplace.

NPR Apologizes to CAMERA…But Middle East Distortions Continue

In a number of recent speeches to community and synagogue groups in the U.S. National Public Radio's Jerusalem reporter, Linda Gradstein, accused CAMERA of ignoring NPR's response to CAMERA's criticisms of the network's Middle East coverage, including her own personally written, detailed rebuttal.