Stephen Hugh-Jones

Economist Bias, Again

The prestigious British magazine The Economist, with a readership including "top business decision-makers and opinion leaders," continues to deliver inaccurate and unbalanced reporting on Israel and the Middle East - while numerous CAMERA analyses have exposed a pattern of bias in Economist coverage, former International Editor Stephen Hugh-Jones repeatedly failed to address these documented concerns.

The Economist’s Descent

Prolific (and colorful) as the Economist editor Stephen Hugh-Jones was in denouncing his critics (after a CAMERA article was written about him in Fall 1995), he nevertheless thoroughly evaded CAMERA's key complaints as presented in the Media Report and subsequent correspondence. CAMERA analyses had concluded that Israeli security concerns are systematically and consistently minimized, that unabashedly partisan language reflects a pervasive pro-Arab bias, and that stories essential to providing an accurate picture are omitted.

Influential Economist Spreads Bias

Like most events involving Israel and the Middle East, the story of the peace process is complicated and many-sided, yet, as so often is the case, there seems an irresistible temptation by some in the news media to simplify the issues, omit key stories and pitch coverage toward a preferred political view...