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CAMERA Op-Ed: Linking Israel’s 2014 War Against Hamas to Today

CAMERA reviews a new memoir by Ari Harow, Netanyahu's former chief of staff, for the Washington Free Beacon and finds that Israel's war against Hamas in the summer of 2014 foreshadowed tactics that the terrorist group would employ in its war on the Jewish state in 2023-24.

A Promised Land: Obama’s Memoirs Malign Israel

A Promised Land
By Barack Obama
Crown Publishing, 2020

The first volume of the 44th American president's memoirs are filled with errors and omissions about Israel. And, as CAMERA's book review shows, they are all one-sided. Worse still, Obama even minimizes Palestinian terrorism.

Obama Gets It Wrong on Israeli ‘Settlements’

In remarks that were uncritically disseminated by several news outlets, former President Obama defended his decision not to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 on the grounds that settlements were rapidly expanding. Yet, the truth is otherwise, as CAMERA noted in The Daily Caller.

Res. 2334: Game Changer or Not?

Thanks to a US abstention the UN Security Council has passed Resolution 2334, asserting that Israeli settlements have "no legal validity" and are a "flagrant violation under international law." Will the resolution be counterproductive, like the settlement freeze President Obama imposed on Israel in 2009? Or will it help advance the cause of peace?

Anti-Semitic Echoes in Iran Deal Debate

As Congress has continued its review of the Iran deal, the time-worn stereotypes of Jews as dual-loyalists, using their money and nefarious influence to incite wars have been used to smear opponents of the agreement.

“One Fine Day”: What Iran’s “Death to America” Marches Signal

Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day in Iran continues to be celebrated annually with marches and cries of “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” This year's event took place during the conclusion of U.S.-led talks with Iran over its nuclear program. Not all major media noticed.

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed on Israel, Iran Draws CAMERA Correction

An Op-Ed by a former Baltimore Sun foreign correspondent on the invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the U.S. Congress about Iran's nuclear program suffered from Israel derangement syndrome. A CAMERA letter to the editor provided an antidote.