Rashid Khalidi

CAMERA Op-Ed: When the CIA Took a Terrorist to Disneyland

It has become common to hear that the U.S. government has always had an unwavering “pro-Israel bias.” But as CAMERA noted in The Jerusalem Post, history is never as simple, or as neat, as common narratives suppose.

Myths and Facts about the Fighting in Gaza

Myths about the fighting in Gaza multiply everyday. For example, Rashid Khalidi in a New York Times op-ed provided multiple examples of Gaza myths in an article purporting to do the opposite. (updated Jan. 19)

New York Times Attacks Israel on its Op-Ed Page

Given the New York Times' disgraceful history of anti-Israel opinion columns, it is unsurprising that on January 8, in the midst of Israel's war with Hamas, it loaded its Op-Ed page exclusively with columns condemning Israel. Even worse, it did not bother to fact-check!