Rashid Khalidi

Myths and Facts about the Fighting in Gaza

Myths about the fighting in Gaza multiply everyday. For example, Rashid Khalidi in a New York Times op-ed provided multiple examples of Gaza myths in an article purporting to do the opposite. (updated Jan. 19)

New York Times Attacks Israel on its Op-Ed Page

Given the New York Times' disgraceful history of anti-Israel opinion columns, it is unsurprising that on January 8, in the midst of Israel's war with Hamas, it loaded its Op-Ed page exclusively with columns condemning Israel. Even worse, it did not bother to fact-check!

WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: Two of Three Editorials in the Ditch

Since just before the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, Washington Post editorials have been better than the newspaper's foreign desk on Arab-Israeli news, often more timely and balanced. But two of three recent commentaries hit the ditch.