Samer Tareq Issawi

The Samer Issawi Test

Released Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi is an important test case for journalists. His hunger strike continues to garner news coverage. His conviction for multiple attempts of murder, not so much.

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Palestinian Prisoners

All too often, mainstream media outlets whitewash the violent acts of Palestinian prisoners. Calling those incarcerated since before 1994 "political prisoners" is an egregious cover up of their brutal crimes, detailed here for the first time.

CAMERA Prompts Ha’aretz Correction on Prisoner Samer Issawi

Ha'aretz clarifies that Israeli officials were shocked by Samer Issawi's comparison of himself to Holocaust victims. They did not, as stated in the English edition, agree with it. How long will anonymous translators continue to invent with impunity?

Updated: Neglected Facts About Hunger-Striking Samer Issawi

Media interest in Palestinian hunger-striker Samer Issawi intensifies, albeit selectively. Ha'aretz publishes an enormous photograph of Issawi, but doesn't include even half a sentence about his indictment for attempted murder and other violence.