Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Media Analyses

Wall Street Journal Corrects on U.N. Truck Incident

The Wall Street Journal initially relayed a United Nations claim that Israel fired on and killed a UN worker without pointing out that an Israeli investigation showed otherwise. The newspaper commendably corrected this error of omission as follows:

Error (Wall Street Journal, Charles Levinson, 1/12/09): The U.N. resumed aid deliveries in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, two days after it halted them following an incident in which Israeli soldiers fired on U.N. workers in two separate incidents, killing one and injuring two, a spokesman said.

Correction (1/18/09): Israel's military investigated an incident in which a United Nations spokesman alleged Israeli forces fired on a U.N. truck on Jan. 8. Israel said the investigation showed its forces had not fired on the truck. A Jan. 12 World News article citing the U.N. allegation didn't include Israel's statement on the event.

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