Charles Levinson

UPDATED: Wall Street Journal Misinforms on Money Transfers to PA

Readers told that the United States and Israel cut off money transfers to the Palestinian Authority would be forgiven for believing that the United States and Israel are not transferring money to the Palestinian Authority. But they would be wrong. (See update noting WSJ correction.)

Gaza Flotilla Crisis Yields More Coverage, More Bias

In the aftermath of Israel's operation to prevent pro-Palestinian radicals from violating the naval blockade on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, media organizations are again focusing on Israel and its opponents in a way reminiscent of the onset of the second Palestinian "intifada."

UPDATED: Wall Street Journal Misrepresents Israeli Politicians

The newspaper has corrected a news story by Charles Levinson that falsely cast Tzipi Livni as wanting to transfer Israel's Arabs to Palestinian control. A misleading reference to Avigdor Lieberman calling for their "expulsion" was not corrected.

Wall Street Journal Corrects on U.N. Truck Incident

The Journal initially relayed a United Nations claim that Israel fired on and killed a UN worker without pointing out that an Israeli investigation showed otherwise. The newspaper commendably corrected this error of omission.