Additional Corrections on Christian Issues

Error (Haaretz, Op-Ed, Nicolas Pelham, 5/12/14): The Knesset bans Christmas trees, which sprout all over Palestine, from its premises.

Correction (Online as of 5/12/14, not in print): The Knesset bans Christmas trees which sprout all over Palestine from public display on its premises.


Error (Washington Post, Sally Quinn, 12/14/13): [Ari] Shavit is most worried about the gradual disappearance of the Christian community in Israel and Palestine.

Correction (12/28/13 print edition): Sally Quinn’s On Faith column in the Dec. 14 Metro section incorrectly referred to the “gradual disappearance of the Christian community” in Israel. According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, that country’s Christian population has grown over the past year and the past decade.

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