Additional Economist Corrections

Error (The Economist, book review, 5/3/14): One of the most fanatical settlements, Kochav Yair, is named after [pre-state Lehi leader Avrahim “Yair” Stern].

Correction (5/8/14): In an earlier version of this article we mistakenly identified Kochav Yair as a fanatical settlement named after Stern. This was incorrect. Kochav Yair is neither a settlement nor fanatical; it is on the Israeli side of the “green line”. This was changed on May 8th 2014.


Error (Economist, 11/25/13): Meanwhile, a poll of American Jews by the Anti-Defamation League early this month found that if Israel were to carry out a military strike against Iran, 48% thought American should take a “neutral” position, while just 40% would favour supporting Israel.

Correction (As of 12/5/13): We initially stated that the poll by the Anti-Defamation League was of Jewish Americans. In fact, the poll was based on a random sampling of all Americans. That section of the post has been changed. Sorry.


Error (Economist, 5/4/13): So far this year, Israel’s army has evicted almost 400 Palestinians from the West Bank and dismantled over 200 homes….

Correction (Online update): So far this year Israel’s army has evicted almost 400 Palestinian West Bankers from their homes in Area C….

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