Al Jazeera English Corrects: Haifa Not in ‘Northern Occupied Palestine’

CAMERA’s Israel office today prompted correction of an Al Jazeera English article which falsely stated that the Israeli coastal city of Haifa is located in “northern occupied Palestine” (“UK: Palestine activists face prison over Elbit protest“).
As noted earlier today in CAMERA’s Snapshots blog, Al Jazeera’s Shafit Mandhai had redrawn the map, writing:
Based in the city of Haifa in northern occupied Palestine, Elbit produces military and civilian-use equipment, including drones, aircraft, weapon control systems, and artillery.

This is a completely false characterization of Haifa, which the United Nations designated as part of the land intended for a Jewish state under the 1947 Partition Plan. According to the United Nations’ present day map (as well as an “Oslo status quo” map published by Al Jazeera) the Israeli northern coastal city of Haifa is not in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” which include the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and by some definitions eastern Jerusalem.
In response to communication today from CAMERA, Al Jazeera commendably corrected the article, removing the erroneous reference to “northern occupied Palestine.” The corrected article now accurately states that Elbit is “[b]ased in the city of Haifa.”

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