As Israelis are Slaughtered, MSNBC Says Palestinians in Chicago Also In “Pain”

As Israeli men, women, children, elderly, and even dogs were being tortured, raped, burnt, mutilated, kidnapped, and murdered by Palestinian terrorists, where did MSNBC decide to turn its sympathetic ears on Sunday morning? “Little Palestine” in Chicago, Illinois.

According to host Katy Tur, the “violent developments in Israel have sent shockwaves through the Little Palestine Neighborhood.” There, MSNBC’s Maggie Vespa told the audience, the local Palestinians were in “pain like we’ve been hearing on our air throughout the morning.”

But the “pain” wasn’t at what their fellow Palestinians had done and were continuing to do to innocent Israeli civilians. Rather, the pain was because “they have loved ones in the so-called open-air prison that is Gaza Strip,” Vespa explained.

To be clear, MSNBC cannot claim it didn’t know at the time. By Sunday morning, the nature and extent of the horrors inflicted on Israelis at the hands of the Palestinian terrorists were already emerging. The horrifying videos of people being kidnapped and their bodies being desecrated were already widely available. Pictures of elderly gunned down on the side of the road were being shown. Details of the massacres inside Israeli towns were already being reported.

At the beginning of the segment, Tur told the audience that “the main hope” among the Palestinians in Chicago “is peace.”

A sign at the Chicago protest reading: “Long Live The Intifada.” During the last “intifada,” approximately 1,000 Israelis were killed in terror attacks. 

Is this what the residents of “Little Palestine” actually had to say, though? Consider the words of the two Palestinians interviewed.

“The response was not unexpected because, you know, provocations,” said Oussama Jamal, referring to the Palestinian terror attack that has now claimed the lives of over 900 Israelis.

Muhammed Ghazal asked: “It’s like, what other choice do they have?”

In other words, Hamas had no choice but to butcher 40 Israeli babies in just one town.


Neither Vespa nor Tur provided any pushback or challenge to these morally indefensible statements.

There are also the details MSNBC didn’t report. For example, that morning a protest held in downtown Chicago by many in the Palestinian community included chants like “No Zionism in our town!” – a thinly veiled call to drive Jews out of the city.

The segment sends a clear message. At MSNBC, even when Jews are being cruelly slaughtered by the hundreds, they cannot be centered as the victims; after all, they probably had it coming.

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