As New York Air Quality Improves, Fox Coverage Is Smoggy

In a June 10 Weather First Weekend report on New York’s improving air, Fox Business mischaracterized Israel’s air quality as among the worst in the world.

“The mood has lifted for all of us because it just feels so much better to be able to breathe in clean air,” Amy Freezer, Fox’s co-anchor of weather command, reported Sunday morning, June 10. 

Craig Herrerra responded:  “You nailed it, when you said that. Inhale and exhale. Of course, that’s moving to other parts of the country. But New York City finally seeing some improvement after that record-breaking week across the big apple.  Some of the worst air quality or the worst air quality recorded in the city’s history. ” 

To which Amy Freeze misleadingly responded: “At times we were the worst in the world, worse than India, worse than Israel, some of the places that are plagued with poor air quality.”

While India's air quality is indeed ranked among the 10 worst countries in the world (coming at 8th place), Israel does not even appear in the list of the 50 countries with the worst air quality, ranking 53 out of 131 countries:

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