Arabic Euronews Conceals Conviction of Sbarro Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi

A June 2 Arabic Euronews article misleadingly reported that Jordanian-Palestinian terrorist Ahlam Tamimi was “arrested for eight years in Israel,” concealing the essential fact that she had been tried and sentenced to 16 life terms for her role in the deadly 2001 Sbarro suicide bombing (“After a coma of more than two decades – the passing of an Israeli woman injured in a 2001 attack”).

The Palestinian-Jordanian terrorist herself proudly and repeatedly admitted her role in the murder of 15 civilians in the Jerusalem pizzeria (the 16th victim died just this month after 22 years in a coma), both when she was in prison and again later after she was released to Jordan in a prisoner swap.

Notably, the Turkish version of the same Euronews report (the only other language in which Euronews published this report) did contain the basic information that Tamimi was serving a jail term after her conviction in the devastating terror attack.

As of this writing, Euronews has failed to uphold Euronews’ EU charter governing standards of accuracy, accountability and impartiality. Despite CAMERA Arabic’s communication with editors, the misreporting stands uncorrected.

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