Brenda Crouch Distances Her Ministry from Antisemitic TruNews

Evangelical singer Brenda Crouch has distanced herself from antisemitic news broadcaster Rick Wiles and his network, TruNews. In an email sent to CAMERA on Jan. 6, 2020, Crouch declared that a performance of hers that was broadcast during the Christmas season in December 2019 was “was filmed several years ago” and that her ministry “is not and never will be aligned with antisemitic beliefs or teachings.” She also declared that her ministries are “huge supporters of Israel.”

CAMERA contacted Crouch after TruNews aired a Christmas special featuring her singing on Dec. 25, 2019. In an email sent on January 2, 2020, CAMERA informed Crouch of Wiles history of antisemitism and asked if she knew about this history when she performed on TruNews, which Wiles describes as part of his “Flowing Streams” ministry headquartered in Florida.

“It seems pretty incongruous to be singing about the love of Jesus on a show hosted by a man who regularly inveighs against Jews in an astoundingly hostile manner,” the email stated. Brenda Crouch’s full response is as follows:

Thank you for reaching out.  The Christmas Special program, which you are referring to was filmed several years ago.   Brenda Crouch Ministries is not and never will be aligned with anti semitic beliefs or teachings.   We were unaware of any such thing from the Flowing Streams ministry at the time of making a guest appearance.  We are huge proponents and supporters of Israel and travel there frequently to work with various ministries abroad.  

Be blessed, friend in your continued pursuit to bless and pray for the peace of Israel!  Shalom 2020!

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